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Harris Moran Seed Company
Breaking new ground everyday

From humble agricultural beginnings dating back some 140 years (see timeline), Harris Moran Seed Company has emerged as a global leader in quality vegetable seed.

With each seed purchase, generations of growers have entrusted us with their livelihood, literally banking on us to provide them the best product from plow to plate. It is a trust we honor and uphold by developing new varieties of melons, watermelons, corn, beans, peppers, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkins and countless other vegetables.

Seed only, thank you

Our longevity in this business stems from an unwavering focus - and downright obsession - with two things: access to perhaps the most diverse germplasm pool in the world in which new varieties are developed; and a singular interest in the vegetable seed business, and the vegetable seed business alone.

Harris Moran Seed Company chooses to remain in vegetable seed, exclusively; it's our roots. This monocular focus spawns a clarity of purpose. Our mission to our customers becomes all the more clear. Not only that, innovation in variety development tends to occur more quickly and more frequently with this focused concentration.

Our many research breakthroughs in disease resistance, yield, adaptability, and eating quality continue to define who we are. We think Harris Moran Seed Company is an example of what happens when a company does one thing very well.

Breed the best, forget the rest

A seed company is only as good as its breeding program. Our breeders, stationed at research stations around the corner and across the globe, concentrate on the four plant breeding basics: yield, eating quality, adaptability, and disease resistance. Simply put, if a vegetable grows strongly and yields well in many different areas, and, if it tastes good, then you'll probably grow it. And you have.

With the recent integration of Harris Moran Seed Company into Groupe Limagrain, we now can tap into one of the most diverse germplasm bases to create new and better varieties that feature disease protection built-in, not added on. Combine this treasure trove of germplasm with leading-edge expertise in plant pathology, biotechnology, and post harvest fruit physiology, and Harris Moran Seed Company offers a results-driven breeding program that's long on innovation and short on status quo.

HM breeds customer loyalty

You, our customers share our passion for results. This shared focus has evolved over the years into more than just a solid business relationship. Every successful harvest reaffirms an abiding trust and an intense loyalty in our products. That's the way it has been for 140 years, when a group of farmers started the company. 

And while we're glad we've grown so successfully and while we're proud to wear the moniker "global leader in vegetable seed", we think you should know that our shareholders are still farmers, who still farm.

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